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QelviQ Connoisseur


✔️FASTEST Peltier Cooler in the WORLD without ice (up to 5°F in 10 min)
✔️US patented cooling system
✔️Ultra silent when in chilling modus
✔️Accurate Temperature Measurement INSIDE the bottle
✔️No Ice, No label damage


➕Temperature App
✔️ 350.000 ideal Serving Temperatures
✔️Automatic + Manual temperature control via app
✔️24/7 Sommelier Service
✔️ Easy Inventory system for ALL wines
✔️ 7 Languages.°C and °F. Wifi

➕Choice of Color
✔️ Monochrome: QelviQ White, Bordeaux Bordeaux, Midnight Black


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€24 for othere countries with no productguarantee.