The Tale of the Happy Grape

Hello I am Grape, Miss Grape for you wine lovers. And you know what, for the first time I am completely happy, at ease with the world because I can finally shine my brightest when I am in your glass. My contribution to your pleasure is finally respected as it should.  QelviQ,Your Personal Sommelier, delivers the wine at the right serving temperature and that makes my life complete. It wasn't always like that...

You should know that I have been through an amazing adventure to get into your glass. I had to ripe and absorb the warm sun rays, and all the nutrients from the terroir. Then when I was grown up, i was cut from the vine and my second life started. They crushed me and some of us were skinned, I know sounds cruel, but it didn’t bother us. Then I had friends join me like yeast and sugar, and we had an amazing party.  Afterwards we took some time to rest and we had aa very good sleep in beautiful oak beds. After our extended rest, they put us in a bottle before we were transported in special carriers to a shop close to your home. There you picked me up and you put me in your wine fridge.  Some of my friends ended up in a beautifully paneled wine cellar.

But then something odd happened. We were taken out of the wine fridge or cellar and my red friends were just put on the table without any protection from the warmth of the room. My red fiends were feeling wonderful at 16°C/60°F and suddenly they were sweating in a 23°C/73°F room. Worst of all people actually drunk them at that temperature, which was adding insult to injury. Me and my sisters were put in a freezing ice bucket and we were so cold that we managed to freeze the taste buds of our drinkers, which made all the taste disappear. I was part of a great white wine which was ideal at 11°C/52°F but they poured us at 5°C/41°F

This should never happen to us again. And thankfully there is a solution to enjoy my future friends at the optimal temperature and taste. Check it out QelviQ, Your Personal Sommelier

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"Hi l am Wim, sommelier, and wine enthusiast just like you! My fellow sommeliers understand the importance of serving wine at the correct temperature. They know that if wine is too warm, it will lose its flavors and complexities, and if wine is served too cold, it will numb your taste buds. A few world renown sommeliers and myself will explain this further, and share some interesting (taste) case studies."

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