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White wine never too cold. Red wine never too warm.

QelviQ: Your Personal Sommelier to enjoy wine at the ideal temperature. Available from September 2022.

Wine Blog

The Single Biggest Wine Mistake Will Surprise You
All experts agree on the single biggest wine mistake!
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Don't ruin the taste of one of these 10 Most Expensive Wines
If you can afford one of these expensive wines, you better pay attention not to ruin the taste.
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Vision of Top-sommelier Raimonds Tomsons: “Room temperature remains a classic mistake”
Award winning sommelier Raimonds Tomsons has a very clear and specific vision on the ideal wine serving temperature and some simple tips and tricks for a superior wine taste.
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For the Best Taste Every Degree Counts: Rioja
Top Sommelier Wim De Schutter demonstrated to us how a good but not really expensive wine changes in taste with every single degree: He clearly shows that there is something like the “perfect serving temperature”, and this for ALL wines, be it great volume or the top of the bill ones.
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Champagne, You've Been Drinking It Wrong All Your Life (Part 1)
Whether it’s your daughter’s graduation, a work promotion or simply a cozy dinner party with good friends, popping a bottle of champagne is always a good idea. However there are a lot of misconceptions about HOW you should drink it. Do we know what kind of champagne is to be poured in which shape of glass and do we drink it at the right serving temperature?
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