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About Us

« Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication » Leonardo da Vinci claimed. We agree 100%. The developers of the QelviQ had one common purpose that bound us all together. How can we build a product that upgrades the quality of life and makes life easier?    

Wine is the essence of quality of life. It is almost always enjoyed with your best friends and family. Great wine moments are experienced together and are almost always part of the souvenir of a memorable evening. So we thought hard how we could enhance these great moments, with the help of state of the art technology  that did not exist ten or even five years ago.

Hence the QelviQ, a product that resolutely chooses quality above quantity, the pure joy of a sip of fruity Cabernet or dry Riesling above the volume of a bulk wine.

To realize the device and the App, we brought together 4 groups of experts who are specialists on their field and have very different backgrounds: hardware engineers, software developers, sommeliers and industrial designers.

  • Our hardware engineers were probably challenged the hardest. How could we be build a device that cools fast (and why not the fastest air cooler in the world if possible), chills perfect for a long time and makes almost absolutely no noise, and this in a very compact space so that the device is portable? For that we engaged cooling experts specialized in Peltier cooling, conductive materials knowledge and airflows. They were joined by electronics programmers who had to build the PCB’s that would enable the device to communicate with the QelviQ App.
  • The software development team is composed of a group of UX designers, algorithm programmers and specialists in the fascinating field of Optical Character Recognition and Image Recognition Technology to create an app that recognizes almost every label and is above all easy to use.
  • Sommeliers brought the intimate knowledge of the wine world, its flavors and, aromas, to determine the ideal serving temperature of every wine and every wine style, be it white, red, rosé or sparkling. We also used the advice of local winemakers and trade organizations of the world’s leading wine regions.
  • All these experts were glued together by our industrial designers whose primary task was to integrate all this complex and detailed work into a contemporary design that would fit in almost any interior design, be it kitchen or living room. It is no coincidence that the whole design is based on the Golden Ratio, a formula that Da Vinci loved to use and is as useful as ever.

QelviQ is a product of Kellvin, a company that is dedicated to create technological solutions for the fascinating world of wine, where winemakers, sommeliers, wine merchants and wine lovers are passionate and positive believers of the important role that great wine plays in our social life. We have offices in New York and Antwerp. If you like to contact us, you can mail us at [email protected] or use this contact form.



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