Champagne, You’ve Been Drinking it Wrong All Your Life (Part 2)

Now that you’ve chosen the right glass for your champagne, the real work begins. All wine and champagne lovers agree that it should be drank at the exact right temperature to enjoy the intensity of the flavor at its best.

If you search the internet for the right serving temperature, most websites will say champagne is best served between 8°C and 10°C. This is true for most champagnes. Yet there are some exceptions. Below you’ll see our advice for the right serving temperature, based on the recommendations of the wine producers.

Ideal serving temperature champagne
Ideal serving Temperatures Champagnes

This table represents the 10 most popular Champagnes in the world and some of the ‘Champagne outlaws’. These champagnes aren’t as popular as the regular ones but it’s very useful to know their right serving temperatures. It also indicates clearly that champagne has different serving temperatures. For more exact temperatures of each champagne, you can always consult the QelviQ Wine Temperature App, which has the largest database of ideal serving wine temperatures of the world.

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