Quiz: Test Your Wine Knowledge

1) How much glucose does a wine contain before fermentation?

- Between 5% and 15%

- Between 15% and 30%

- Between 40% and 50%


The right answer is between 15 and 30% .That explains also how much alcohol a wine will contain as the glucose transforms into ethanol ( = alcohol) due to the yeast at an exact ratio of 0.55 per 1% glucose.


2) When you swirl a glass of wine, ‘tears’ come down the glass. What’s another name for these tears?

- Legs

- Arms

- Rain


The tears are also called legs.


3) Who is the largest wine producer in the world?

- France

- Italy



Right answer: Italy is the largest wine producer in the world. In 2015 Italy produced 48,8 million hectoliter of wine. 1 hectoliter is the volume of 133 bottles of wine (75 cl).


4) Which country has the most revenue of their wine production?

- France

- Italy



France produces a bit less than Italy but it produces more bottles of higher value.


5) how many litres of wine does the world consume per year?

- 949 million

- 4 billion

- 7 billion


An absolute stunning 24.7 billion is the right answer which amounts to almost bottles of 75 cl bottles.


6)Tannins are an essential chemical compound for which wines?

- Red wines

- White wines


Red wines are made of red grapes, as are some white wines but there is one essential difference: for red wines the skin of the grape is also put through the fermentation process. The skin together with the stem and the seeds contain the tannins.


7) What does it mean if a sparkling wine has ‘brut’ on its etiquette?

- It’s a dry wine

- It's a sweet wine

- It's a fruity wine


Right answer: it’s a dry wine


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