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What is QelviQ in brief?

QelviQ is a smart device that chills every type of wine to the ideal serving temperature. It is controlled by a smart wine app that ensures your red, rosé, white or sparkling wine is cooled at its intended temperature.

The accompanying QelviQ app, downloadable from all app stores, is your personal digital sommelier, it knows the perfect wine temperature and keeps track of your wine inventory. The QelviQ app communicates with the QelviQ device through WIFI to ensure your wine is chilled to perfection. If you prefer to change the temperature to meet your personal taste, the app will enable you to do that effortlessly.

When you insert the bottle into the device, QelviQ will know the correct temperature for that wine and will instantly cool it until it reaches its desired temperature. Thanks to its 120 watt power engine, QelviQ cools up to 3.5 times faster than a well performance refrigerator and will keep your wine at the correct serving temperature at all times. QelviQ is also portable.


✔️FASTEST Peltier in the WORLD without ice (up to 5°F in 10 min)
✔️US patented cooling system
✔️Ultra silent when in chilling modus
✔️Accurate temperature measurement INSIDE the bottle
✔️No ice, no label damage


➕Temperature app
✔️350.000 ideal serving temperatures
✔️Automatic + manual temperature control via app
✔️24/7 sommelier service
✔️Easy inventory system for all wines
✔️7 languages
✔️°C and °F

➕Choice of color


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