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6 product features explained

1. Super Fast Cooling

Our product engineers have come up with 3 solutions to ensure QelviQ works 3,5 times faster than an average refrigerator:

  • Our special Qool Booster in combination with our rubber holder makes sure there is no wasted energy.
  • We have invested in a high performance "heatsink" that has been tested and proven over again and that enables us to power the cooler up to 110 watts, which is more than double the power of that of other coolers meant to cool 6 bottles
  • We have developed a unique customized "cold sink" in the top of the cooler which holds cold longer and saves energy.

When the Qool Booster cap is put on, QelviQ can cool up to 2.8°C per 10 minutes whereas an average refrigerator at 5°C would only deliver an additional 0.4°C.


Many wine lovers keep their wine already close to the ideal serving temperature thanks to wine cellars or wine refrigerators. For these wine specialists QelviQ is the ideal add-on to make their wine experience complete. QelviQ solves the “the last mile” of the journey, the last part when the wine is taken out of the fridge or cellar and put on the table. QelviQ will keep the wine at the exact right serving temperature.


You have the option to choose the power level of QelviQ which both determines the speed of cooling as well as control the produced decibels.

  • The “fast mode” is the maximum power and it will sound like an average fridge does In this mode the Qool Booster will help to speed up the process. The Cooler will itself go to “super silent mode “when the wine is ready!
  • The “super silent mode” starts when the wine is at the right temperature. This almost inaudible mode is perfect for when your wine is at the right serving temperature or when the wine has been cooled at the right temperature and you want to keep it that way. Ideal to put on the table or nearby. There is no need to use the Qool Booster in this mode.


QelviQ uses bluetooth which enables QelviQ to work without the need to attend to it so you can concentrate on enjoying time with friends or family.


For many wine lovers maintaining the label in perfect condition is a must as it tells the story of the wine. As the QelviQ uses no ice or water in its cooling process there is no risk of that happening.


The biggest challenge every cooler has is to accurately measure the temperature in a bottle. 95% of the coolers measure the ambient temperature and a couple will measure the temperature of the bottle. Both are inexact ways to measure the real temperature inside.

QelviQ uses an algorithm and formula to get to a very accurate estimate of the temperature inside the bottle. It then calculates and converts that to ensure you get to the ideal serving temperature. There is no other cooler in the world that has ever used this accurate approach to wine cooling.


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