A Wine's Serving Temperature: a Matter of Life and Death?

A Wine's Serving Temperature: a Matter of Life and Death?

I’m sorry to have misled you, drinking a wine at the wrong temperature is not life endangering whatsoever. But now that I’ve got your attention, I do want to make a point. Imagine you’re flying a little airplane on your own. You’re flying across a huge ocean and there’s no land to be seen. Suddenly your plane malfunctions and you crash in the ocean. Spoiler alert: you’re going to die.

But the tempo you’re going to die at all depends on the temperature of the water. If the water is 41°F, your body will lose all its vital functions in 30 to 90 minutes. If the water is 50°F, your chances at survival are slim unless someone saves you in 60 to 360 minutes time. Now if you’re lucky and you crash in an ocean that has a temperature of 68°F, there is a chance at survival! (At least if someone finds you before you get eaten by a shark or starve to death).


Now if temperature matters in a situation like that, why shouldn’t it matter to wine? Let’s say you bought a beautiful red wine in France and you want to drink it next time your parents-in-law come for dinner (let’s be honest the only way you’ll survive that evening is by drinking a delicious glass of red wine… or 3.) You’ve stored the bottle in your storage room or wine cabinet at a room temperature of 74°F. Now depending on the grape, the serving temperature of a red wine can vary between 57°F and 66°F. Now if you bought a Cabernet Sauvignon and you’re drinking it at room temperature, you’re off 11°F because you’re supposed to drink a Cabernet Sauvignon at 63°F.


You don’t really think about it but a 11°F difference changes the whole taste of your wine, as that same difference also affects your life when you’re in water. So next time you decide to open a nice bottle of wine, think twice about how you’ll serve it.

Ideal serving temperature red wine grapes

Ideal serving Temperatures Red Wine Grapes

Ideal serving temperature white wine grapes

Ideal serving Temperature White Wine Grapes

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