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"Every degree counts for the ultimate wine tasting experience" - Xavier Verellen, Founder

QelviQ lets you enjoy your wine like never before. As wine growers, sommeliers, experts and professionals have been saying for years, temperature is decisive and completely ignored. A difference of 2-3 degrees with the optimal temperature drastically reduces the taste. After experiencing this for itself and seeing that there was actually no really reliable solution, Xavier Verellen started QelviQ in 2013. Indeed the traditional centuries-old methods of ice buckets, refrigerators, 'chambring' to room temperature, ... take absolutely no account of the ideal serving and tasting temperature that every cépage & combination requires. After 7 years of research, discussions, analyses, tests and prototypes, QelviQ went into production. This combination of hard- & software ensures that you and your guests enjoy your wine to the fullest. 

How do I do this?
With the QelviQ app you scan your bottle, the QelviQ app transmits the ideal tasting temperature (by comparison from our database of 350,000 wines with ideal temperature) to your QelviQ in which you place the bottle. The QelviQ cools the bottle to the ideal temperature and reports it as soon as it is reached. 



✔️FASTEST Peltier in the WORLD without ice (up to 5°F in 10 min)
✔️US patented cooling system
✔️Ultra silent when in chilling modus
✔️Accurate temperature measurement INSIDE the bottle
✔️No ice, no label damage

➕Temperature app
✔️350.000 ideal serving temperatures
✔️Automatic + manual temperature control with app
✔️24/7 sommelier service
✔️Easy inventory system for all wines
✔️7 Languages 
✔️°C and °F 

➕Choice of color


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