Red Wine Temperature Taste Test with A Rioja

Here is another great temperature taste test by Wim De Schutter, this time with a Rioja at different temperatures. Try it for yourself one time and realize why the optimal serving temperature of wine matters.

Faustino V Reserva Rioja 2012


Aromas of red fruit. Fresh start, little taste experience. Tannins are stuck. Now the wine has a short finish.


Aromas are more open, both from cherry and spicy notes. Surprisingly enough already quite a few flavors of red fruit and herbs. The beautiful tannin structure is unfortunately not yet available.


Wine gets a little more body. The wine also stays longer in the mouth.


The aromas unfold nicely. Red and black fruit dominates with a little bit of spiciness and a very fine touch of American oak. Beautiful rich taste experience, wine is in balance. Tannins come out nicely. Nice long finish. For me the ideal serving temperature.

"Perfect at 16°C/61°F. Serve me another glass please."


Spicy flavors come up like thyme and black pepper. Wine is still very beautiful and becomes richer. Beautiful tannin structure. Serving temperature is certainly still in order.


Wine becomes heavier, loses a bit of fruit. Still has a long finish (which is more spicy now).


Spicy aromas predominate. Also the alcohol is perceptible in the nose, which is unfortunate for the beautiful fruit that the wine had at 16°C. Now it is really a full, strong, powerful wine. Alcohol is also perceptible in the aftertaste.


Aromas of cassis, cooked black fruit. Now the wine tastes very spicy, firm. The beautiful fruit and finesse unfortunately disappears. Wine falls out of balance. The alcohol is especially present in the aftertaste. Too hot to fully enjoy this wine.

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