Version 5.2.17 (Release date 10/16/2023)

What do you need to complete the update?

  • Go the app store and download the updated ASK QelviQ app.
  • 2.4 Ghz wifi 
  • The name of the wifi network
  • The wifi's password

IMPORTANT: If you don't have a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection, you can alternatively update the firmware by using your phone's cellular data as a hotspot.

Android IOS (iphone 12 and after)


    What are the changes?

    • Warming Function
    The warming function has been successfully added to the QelviQ device through a firmware update. Now, if your wine is too cold, the device can also warm it up, providing a versatile solution for your wine temperature needs.

    • Faster Measuring
    The QelviQ device now takes only 30 seconds to measure the temperature of your wine at the start, ensuring quick and accurate temperature readings for your convenience.

    • Dark Mode
    Yes, the device now features a dark mode option, which turns off the various lights associated with different steps of the process, providing a more discreet and streamlined user experience

    FAQ - Why do I get a Wifi Error code during the Firmware upgrade?

    Personal Sommelier Series One supports only the 2.4 ghz frequency. To check your Wifi network settings click on this link. (Explanations for both IOS and Android are available on this website)

    If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our WhatsApp customer support: