• Peltier Thermodynamical Device
      Cooling & Warming Engine based on electronics principles, no use of liquids or cooling gas. Peltier Element is noiseless, fully adjustable, and quick response. 2 Fans are used for thermal transport of heat and the cooled air.  Warming feature will be added in the future (and updated via Firmware)

    • Delivers Wine on selected temperature.
      3 high performant thermal sensors guarantee that wine will be delivered on selected wine temperature

    • Control with your Smartphone (Android, iOS)
      Use the QelviQ APP to control your QelviQ using Bluetooth Connection.
      Set Target Temperature, QelviQ User settings (led-signals, beep signals, ecotimer) and get feedback on thermal process of your QelviQ.

    • Autonomous working
      QelviQ works autonomous. She will manage the thermal process even without connection to your phone and give user feedback by led and sound signals

    • Adaptable led & sound signals
      Led signals and sound signals are adaptable to your personal preferences.

    • Q-Cap
      The transparent Q-Cap improves the performances of your QelviQ: Faster and more silent.

    • OTA Firmware upgradable
      QelviQ has an internal microcontroller with high-performant firmware. The QelviQ APP will indicate when a new improved Firmware version is available and will guide you through the process of installing an update using a WiFi connection.

    • Simplicity & Intuitive
      Your QelviQ is designed to be as easy as possible to use. No Frills, one button system.

    • Technical Details
      Dimensions  : Height no Q-Cap 14,41 inches,Height with Q-Cap 19,33 inches, Diameter 7,52 inches
      Weight :10 pounds
      Noise :35 dBa with Q-Cap in place
      Colors : Black RAL 9005, White RAL 9016, Red RAL 3002
      Voltage Power Adapter : 100 – 220 Volts / 50-60 Hz / Wattage :120 Watt
      Power Cord :47 inch
      Ecomodus :Adjustable from 2h to 24 hours
      Max Size Wine Bottle : Diameter 3,5 inches
      Height :12,6 inches
      Certificates : ETL, CE
      Bluetooth ®, connect smartphone Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
      WiFi Connectivity : Only 2,4 Ghz
      LED Signals 4 Colors System, White, Blue, Red, Green
      Sounds Signals Adjustable beep signals
      Max Ambient Working Temperature : 86° Fahrenheit
      Min Ambient Working Temperature : 50° Fahrenheit
      Maximum Cooling Temperature : 63° F under Ambient Temperature
      Material Housing :ABS
      Metal Mesh
      Q-Cap Poly Carbonate
      Thermal Accuracy On delivery > 1° Fahrenheit
      Thermal working  > 2,5° Fahrenheit
      Thermal Speed (Cooling & Warming) Average of 2.5° Fahrenheit every 10 minutes