How You Can Make It Look As If You Are A Wine Expert

Are you someone who loves wine, but doesn't know a lot about it? Do you find yourself feeling intimidated when wine experts start talking about "bouquets" and "notes"? Have no fear, we've got you covered. With our top tips, you'll be able to fake your way to becoming a sommelier in no time! So pop open that bottle of wine and let's get started.

Invest in a wine cellar - even if it's just a small one

Investing in a wine cellar may seem like an expensive and silly endeavor, but it's totally worth it. Treat yourself, embrace the treasured art of vinification, and cook up subtle pairings that will impress even the most appraising palate at your next dinner party! Sure, you'll have to buy some furniture first, and stock up on bottles of course - but there's nothing better than seeing all your hard work pay off when you masterfully serve the perfect pairing for your home-cooked meal. Even if your budget is tight, don't fret - a small version of this paradise is still doable; just miniaturize the experience, six bottles is the minimum you should think about keeping in there as your collection starts to grow and indulge in what makes vino truly special!

Swirling and sniffing 

Many of us can pretend to know the art of swirling and sniffing wine, but in reality we are just making it look like we know what we're doing. Don't worry - you don't need to be a sommelier to swirl and sniff your way to sophistication! Here are a few tips for how you can fake your way through this ritual:

  1. When pouring, hold the glass by its stem and lean over slightly. Give the glass a gentle spin as you pour, then set it down on the table.
  2. Once your glass is full, bring it up close to your nose and take a few short sniffs before quickly pulling away from the glass again. This will help give off the impression you've got a good nose for wine!
  3. Swirl the glass slowly and steadily, taking care not to spill any of the sweet nectar inside. As you do this, tilt the glass slightly so that more liquid touches the sides of your glass and releases its aroma.
  4. Finally, take one long sniff at your wine before enjoying it.

Use the right vocabulary – just learn some phrases by heart

If you really want to sound like a wine expert, you'll need to master the art of using the right words. From describing the color and aroma of your favorite reds to waxing lyrical about the tannins and acidity levels in a Chardonnay, being able to express yourself elegantly will make all the difference between sounding like an amateur or a connoisseur. The key is to use descriptive language that evokes vivid imagery and has an air of sophistication. Instead of merely saying "this Merlot tastes fruity", why not try something along the lines of "the raspberry notes mingle exquisitely with hints of chocolate".

And when it comes to describing whites, think beyond simply calling it "dry". You could talk about its minerality, or remark upon the citrus-like flavor profile. If a wine is particularly complex, you can impress everyone by noting its multi-faceted character.

Get yourself some nice wine glasses - the more, the better

If you are looking to jazz up your collection of glassware, why not get yourself some stylish wine glasses? And while the classic two should do just fine, why stop there? The more, the better! From stemmed glasses for your favorite Merlot to chic coupes for an evening of bubbly and fun - trust me, you can never have too many wine glasses. But beware - with a large selection of unique and fashionable glasses at your disposal, household guests may be unwilling to ever leave your bar cart.

Stock up on wine accessories - corkscrews, bottle stoppers, etc.

If you love having a glass of wine (or two!) as much as we do, stocking up on the best wine accessories makes sure that you're always ready for happy hour. Corkscrews, bottle stoppers, aeration devices and decanters - these are all essential items if you want to make sure that your wine enjoyment doesn't come with any disappointments! So, what are you waiting for? Stock up now so that when your next special occasion arrives, you can be 100% prepared to give your guests a supremely enjoyable wine experience. Cheers!

Practice speaking in a posh accent - it'll make people take you more seriously

If you're looking to get a leg up on the competition and make sure people take you more seriously, one trick you can use is to practice speaking with a posh accent. Not only will you sound like a true British gentleman (or gentlewoman), but it'll also draw attention to the fact that you know how to put on airs and graces in different public settings. Taking some time to perfect your posh accent might very well be the secret weapon you need to stand out in any situation!

OK, maybe you shouldn’t follow this tip 😊

If you follow some of these simple tipsyou'll be well on your way to becoming a total wine snob in no time! Just remember - the key is always to act like you know what you're talking about, even if you don't. Trust us, it's easy once you get the hang of it. Cheers!

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